Monday, July 16, 2012

The Bumper-less Crib

I recently had an a-ha moment regarding the crib....I really like the look of a crib without a bumper! Earth-shattering stuff, I know. But as I scan pictures of nurseries that I like, most of them don't use bumpers. The realization caught me off guard.

domino Magazine

Two things to note:

1) I love crib bumpers. I think they are really pretty and the right one adds a great touch to a crib. In fact, I found one that I love but the $300 price tag has me rethinking other options.

2) This post isn't about whether or not to use a bumper in general. I know the thought is to not use one for safety reasons, but let's just stick to aesthetics and do your research if and when you are interested in this subject.

So back to the non-bumpered look...I think why I like it is that it gives a traditional looking crib more of a modern feel. My crib is a traditional Jenny Lind style (like Bailey's in the first photo) and I think leaving the bumper off is going to give it a nice, clean look. My nursery will definitely lean traditional, but I want to offset that with some modern touches. Skipping the bumper might help.

And it always helps to skip something that will save me some cash-money.


  1. Somehow I missed the post about your announcement - congratulations!!

  2. Anonymous7/16/2012

    Congrats! I'm planning my first nursery too. For another option, I came across these "bumper free" sheet sets from that have patterns on the sides of the fitted sheet (more of a clean-lined bumper style, if you will). Good luck with everything!

  3. Ok, my oldest is 17 and my baby is now 3, but let me say that you often don't use the things that you think you will most. With my first baby I got a vaguely Mission style crib and tons of spendy Laura Ashley bedding. My son spent very little time in the crib and my daughters have always co-slept in my bed.
    I never did the changing table thing either but darling outfits, bibs with sleeves, and a toile shopping cart liner were used daily.

  4. Anonymous7/16/2012

    Congrats on your pregnancy! The truth about crib bumpers is that you really only use them while your child is a newborn. Once baby is old enough to sit up/pull up/stand up the bumper is totally impractical and you'll likely take it off. So, you want to be sure you like how the crib looks without.
    Good luck!

  5. I would highly recommend the wonder bumpers! They are the safest bumper on the market and they still provide the protection from the hard crib bars.

  6. I love the look without bumpers too - clean and sleek and safer for the excited for you!!

  7. Go with your gut... I used a bumper for my first daughter and in the (mostly) same nursery for my second daughter, I never got around to putting on the bumper. By the time I realized, I much prefered a simpler look. I never would have guessed it, but it was a nice change. Congratulations!

  8. Funny you should comment on this because nobody uses bumpers here in Australia, they are very hard to find to even buy, they certainly don't come standard in cot bedding packages, and I think in fact they are likely illegal here because of the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Mums here are always told to have the cot clear of anything that can reduce the airflow, make the cot stuffy or cause baby to overheat, or pose a suffocation risk. So we are told to have the cot area as open and bare as possible. I do think bumpers can be really pretty particularly if they are nicely tailored a la Serena & Lily, but with my three I've always gone down the overly cautious path just to be safe.


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