Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bold Toiles

Tell me this fabric would not be AMAZING against some light pink walls!

And let's throw in a rich peacock blue velvet sofa with a mint green armchair and a jute rug with some awesome red lamps. Done. Aren't the colors to die for on this fabric?

Or what about this fabric against pale blue walls?

Total winner.

I am much more partial to these kinds of bold toiles over their white background counterparts. I do love a traditional white/one-color toile, but these brightly colored options make me much happier. I'll be honest that the brown toile has been a contender for a girl's nursery, but I think in the end I don't want to go quite that Frenchy-sweet (though the look would be absolutely beautiful!) And yes, Frenchy-sweet is a new design style.


  1. Bravo! An investment in these fabrics would carry a child from cradle to college with a little tweaking along the way...just saying.

  2. Anonymous8/21/2012

    Pier 1 had a slipcover for one of their slipper chairs that was in a similar fabric - well done on their part. Apparently I was the only one who liked it though, because they didn't carry it for long. I'm toying with toiles, and I've already done the blue/white on everything story, so maybe this is the next choice. Thanks.


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