Monday, July 9, 2012

Navy + Green Nursery

Isn't this a fantastic nursery?

Design by Jennifer Delonge - Image Source (thanks for the tip, commenter)

First things first - I don't know the source. Does anyone recognize it? Fill me in.

You can tell this room has some amazing architectural details...absolutely love the woodwork on the ceiling and the windows. The color scheme is perfect and the window treatment is fabulous. The aesthetic of this nursery is a bit too modern for my own home, but I did especially love one detail - the natural floor covering.

I think our own nursery is going to go the way of very colorful fabrics, so I think a neutral base on the floor will work very well. It also helps that jute and sisal rugs are usually sold at an affordable price point, though they aren't the softest on baby's hands and knees. Though our nursery is pretty large, the actual crawl around area will likely be limited to a 5'-ish sqaure in the center of the room and I like how this space uses a floor blanket perfect for a spot like this. I'm filing that idea away.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. Love the bold geometric pops! We have a natural colored wool carpet remnant/rug in our daughter's room that looks just like sisal, but is super soft, in case you are going for that look. Have fun nursery planning!

  2. Anonymous7/09/2012

    The designer is Jennifer Delonge. Her own house. It was published in In Style or In Style Home magazine several years ago.

  3. Love the fun and fresh feel with the colors and geometrics. The chair-rail height chalkboard paint is also a fun touch that blends in in this design. A bonus on the floor blanket--you can throw it in the wash!

  4. Thanks for the beautiful post! I've really enjoyed the images that showed. For us of us who are dedicated to the architecture and design we love share and communicate our work with groups and people who have this passion in common. Thanks again for such wonderful post!

  5. its fun nursery planning isnt it? I've only got 8 weeks left and I'm just pulling the final bits together. I'd seen this image on pinterest but had forgotten how good it was!


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