Thursday, July 5, 2012

Decorative Carpets on OKL

Have you checked out the Decorative Carpets sale going on right now over on One Kings Lane? These small accent rugs are like art prints! Couldn't you imagine one printed up on paper and hung in a lovely frame? They are fabulous!

The selection is HUGE and these rugs would make the perfect little accent in a room - lots of personality.

The sale ends soon, but if you are still interested check out the Decorative Carpets website - lots of eye candy. Including this example:

Where can I get that coffee table?! And those dining chairs! And that lamp is as tall as me!


  1. Anonymous7/05/2012

    Love the blue rug; I'd like to pair this with one of those blue sunburst mirrors on King's Lane. I was hoping it was 40" but not to be...I just saw something on Etsy and thought of your tastes. If you have X, look under Handmade (Japanese Lantern Shower Curtain) I would cut this up and cover a white chair with purple piping. Rosalind

  2. This just furthers my suspicion that I indeed have a rug obsession. I have more rugs than I have room for!

  3. Love those rugs!!! I also love all that purple in that sofa and those dining chairs in the pic you shared!!! WOW!!!

  4. I actually worked on the design project in the photo with the purple sofas. I believe the coffee table was from someone with "Boxx" in the name, only in NYC. Last I checked they were out of business. I can give you details on where everything else came from though.


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