Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Woah. This vintage dining set has caught my eye. It's suede and brass (he-llo) and it's available in the Aerin Lauder sale on OKL right now...

The set costs a cool $11,000. We can all dream...(or promptly do a search on Craigslist for "vintage brass suede dining chairs set")

If you bought this set of chairs...what kind of table would you pair them with???


  1. That is just stunning!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow!!! If just I ever happened upon these...

  3. Those chairs are gorgeous! If only I had a LOT of extra cash lying around :-) They would be great paired with a modern wood table - the brass, suede and natural wood would be a stunning combo.

    Kate @

  4. Anonymous3/21/2013

    Natural wood! I would love a nice farm table with these - juxtaposition between shiny elegant and rustic wood. Love it!

    Steph @

  5. These are amazing would pair with white lacquer table in a really modern setting!


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