Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catalog Pick: Bamboo Bar Cart

I am thrilled that a retailer has finally produced a lovely, traditional bamboo bar cart. Check out the Jill Bar Cart from Ballard Designs:

I know there are some cool bar carts out there (like the ones from Society Social)...but some feel a bit too hip for me. I love that Ballard's bar cart is so classic with it's clean lines and brassy finish. The price point is about right at $350...a little pricey, but not crazily so. Especially since, like I've said, the piece is traditional and will last forever in your home.

This one is most similar to the one that I have...a vintage piece that is a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law that I LOVE...and I can't imagine getting rid of it anytime soon.

Cruddy pic, but great bar cart! If you've been in the market for a classic cart, I would jump on the Jill!


  1. The bamboo bar cart is really nice, I also think that it would look nice in a quaint out house or conservatory.

  2. Great work buddy, keep it up


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