Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Mongolian Lamb Stool Option

I think we are all enjoying the Mongolian lamb stool DIY craze. Or maybe you haven't seen it, but you love a good furry upholstered piece, like so:

Design by Shari Markbreiter of MH Studio, image via The Zhush

I think I prefer the warm, global use of these furry pieces like the image above. The girly, frou-frou take on it is cute in the right context...but if I did this DIY, I would opt for pairing the texture with warm wood. And I found two good contenders to create the project.

First up is this barrel stool. I have a very similar piece in my living room in all white that I bought about four years ago and it's one of my favorites.

Price is great at $86 (and free shipping) and I bet that top is a cinch to screw off and recover. 

Next, I found this faux-fur Mongolian pillow for only $17 for an 18-inch pillow! It's hard to find high-pile faux-fur fabric for that price for one yard. And most pillows are kinda pricey so finding this one put this DIY on my map.

The stool measures 15.75" in diameter...which I'm thinking is at the widest point so the "seat" portion is probably a little smaller than that, making an 18" piece of fabric workable...I think. The only thing with the pillow is that I believe it is an actual pillow, not a cover, so you'll need to do a little deconstruction to get at the fabric. 

So, have you tried your own spin on this DIY? Do you like this combo? I know I love that stool...would be great with any fabric.


  1. Target used to have a similar pillow for $12. Was in stores when I got mine, might be only online now. Someone recently asked me about it and when I searched it was still available--worth a look!

  2. Beth at Chinoiserie Chic did this and showed it just the other week on her blog and on a tight budget -it looked great!

  3. Great DIY. I'm going to do it. Love your Chinese stool. Glad for you. Love your blog. Where did you say you got your roll up drape monogrammed? Did you do it? Do u still have it? Thanks


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