Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Catalog Pick: Victor Armchair

I'm typically not one for modern lines in furniture, but I'm completely charmed by West Elm's Victor Armchair in this stunner of a print from designer Sarah Campbell:

I've come to realize that green is my absolute favorite color to use in interiors and I love the mix of shades in this chair...and the pattern has a bit of a Hot House Flowers quality to it. The modern wingback silhouette totally works for me...keeps the pattern feeling young and vibrant.

What do you think?


  1. I love this chair but it makes me sad that it cannot be returned if ordred and they do not have a fabric sample in store. So, once you commit. You commit. We bought a set of the Sedgwick Recliners instead, but I loved this chair. Maybe, just maybe, they'll have pillows.

  2. I had seen this chair a few days ago and loved it too. I'm just wondering how well the print would wear over time... but yes, it's a winner!

  3. Sharon R3/14/2013

    LOVE--for all of your same reasons!! I'm blaming my current love affair for all things green on spring fever! It's been a long, snowy winter in Massachusetts!!

  4. Anonymous3/15/2013

    Love, love, love it! If you brought a statement piece like this in, what other colors would you incorporate throughout the room? Struggling with a similarly monochromatic patterned rug...thanks for the help!

  5. Love this chair can't wait to use it in a client's house!

  6. It is so beautiful chair. Where can I buy it?

  7. Listen.. I LOVE this chair.
    It's beautiful, easy to assemble and super comfy!


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