Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vintage Chinese Storage Barrel

Were the Chinoiserie lovers out there eagerly awaiting the One Kings Lane Shops China sale like I was? I saw this image on Tuesday and boy did it peak my interest...

In particular that stool. THAT STOOL.

I diligently watched the clock to strike 11 am on Wednesday because I had to check out the stool. I was fully expecting it to cost more than Ana Claire's college education but I wanted to live the dream, if only for a moment.

I watched the page refresh at 11, scrolled to the stool, and clicked Add to Cart - before my brain even processed the price...a girl's gotta be frisky on OKL. So now that I had my 10 minutes to ponder, I realized that the stool was $169! A number within the realm of possibility for me. In fact, for the same price, I had recently bought some new clothes at Target so I vowed to return it all in exchange for the stool. WHO NEEDS CLOTHES?? Done and done.

And, it's not a's a storage barrel. Which I liked even more because it's functional. Thinking it might be a lovely house for my fabric rolls (without the top).

So, if you saw and loved this barrel and were wondering whose fingers were nimble enough to click their mouse first....mine were!!


  1. Sarah Wessel Designs3/28/2013

    It was you! I wanted that! I already have one that I use beside a chair as a end table. I paid a lot more for mine so you totally scored...

  2. I saw it, tried to buy it and so glad that someone got it that would love it like I would's stunning!!

  3. Way to go! I would have clicked on that one myself. Very pretty and practical. What could be more perfect?


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