Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Crush

My sweet Ana Claire was 3 months old on Wednesday! She has graduated Newborn Town and entered Babyville...and she is so much fun to interact with now. The smiles, giggles and coos are priceless.

And today is my last day of maternity leave :( So sad but so thankful that I was able to spend every minute with this nugget as she spent her first months growing into the sweet little baby that she is now. I have the great fortune that I love my job and work for a wonderful and family-friendly (read: flexible) company so I am by no means dreading going back...but it's still terribly difficult to be away from your baby on a regular basis.

I'm finding that about 3 blog posts a week is good for me right now (this week was technically two). We'll see if once I get back to a structured schedule I'll feel that I can get back to posting daily. But I also know that non-work hours will also be exclusive AC time. But being back to blogging has been WONDERFUL!

There is a squirmy baby in my arms so I'll wrap up the rambling. Happy weekend!! See you next week.

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful. Those eye, those creamy cheeks and one can only imagine the thoughts in her little brain as conveyed by that coy smile. Only one thing, and this is not being critical of you, Daniela because lately all new mothers of girls are doing it but I would forgo the bow. When I look at this picture the first thing I see is the bright red bow. I am viewing it as a designer would a beautiful room. The bow is a distraction. A hat or bonnet would frame the face. No one would mistake her for a boy with that beautiful feminine face (think Charlize Theron).
    I love your site and think that your design esthetic is spot on. Thank you.


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