Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Crush

Loved this photo from Meg Braff Interiors that I spotted on Facebook. Wouldn't you just love to sift through all of those wallpaper samples and then walk away with that ginger jar? I definitely would.

So my blog has been getting S-L-A-M-M-E-D with spam comments lately. It used to not be a big deal and I would just pop in and delete them every once in a while...but now I'm getting like 50 a day. No thanks. So I put up the word verification on comments...I know - SO annoying. Ugh. Sorry about that...I may take it off again after a while. I just needed a spam break. But I still love every single comment that comes in, so hope it doesn't discourage you.

Have a fabulous weekend...see you next week!


  1. That is a festive photo!!

  2. Beautiful. Not sure if Blogger has the Akismet plugin but I've got it in my blog and it filters 99.9% of the spam....which I have noticed has gone crazy lately too!

  3. Meg Braff papers look so much better in person than they do on line -- and she is poised to come out with a whole bunch of fun new papers shortly. Great post : )

  4. Anonymous3/04/2013

    I love local designer Brenton Bacari. ( He designed one of the partners of my law firms homes and it is truly amazing. He is obviously very talented and experienced. (I was told he designed for high-profile celebrities. He used to live in Los Angeles. One of his clients was Cher.) The work he did for my associate is extremely sophisticated and serene. The best thing is I cannot tell whether the house was decorated in traditional or modern theme. Now that's classic and timeless!

  5. Anonymous3/05/2013

    I'm getting that same spam comments lately, not as many but noticed a big difference. My programmer is putting a new app on my blog to prevent it. Will let you know i it works. Love Meg Braff wallpapers!


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