Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trigger Pulled: Alita Pendant Light

I love all of the holiday frenzy deals, mostly because I typically score some great discounts for myself! Case in point, I pulled the trigger on a pendant light for our basement renovation last week - the Alita Pendant from Uttermost.

Our new den will be split into two areas - the "front" portion will have a sectional, TV and recessed lighting with table lamps; the "back" portion will have a game table with a pendant light over it.

I knew I wanted something large and metallic - but all of the gorgeous fixtures I liked were not budget friendly. But last week Horchow had 30% off of everything and free shipping. I saw this fixture for the first time and totally fell in love...and we were able to get it for $100 off, which brought it within the realm of possibility.

It's a little more edgy than I was planning, but seeing it now, it's exactly what I need. And I love that it's not a true gold or a true silver, but somewhere in between. I've since seen it also carried on Wayfair for a lower original price, but I still got it for less on sale at Horchow.

I can't wait for this den to come together...



  1. I've been eyeing that pendant for a while. I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see what you do with your space!

  2. Gray Maher12/20/2011

    we admire it at every high point market! good choice!

  3. What a great option for a pendant light fixture. Can't wait to see it the space!

  4. The pendant is beautiful...not sure why you keep saying "pulling the trigger"? Do you regret many of your purchases? You have excellent taste and make such lovely choices. You are also an AMAZING consumer....I am always checking out the deal you scored!

  5. this is a perfect fixture for that area. It will add just the right spice. I wish I had your vision and talent to know what will and will not work. Your home needs to be displayed in a magazine.

  6. Anonymous12/21/2011

    I have the smaller version of these in my hallway- Love these fixtures! Edgy but still classic!

  7. Haha - MCHL, "pulled the trigger" is my way of saying "I made a decision". I don't regret many of my purchases...I may ended up seeing that they don't work well for how I intended, but I typically love what I bring home!


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