Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pretty Pastel Bowls and a DIY

Have you seen the "Tapas" line of plates and bowls from Royal Doulton? Profiled in a couple of mags and some gift guides? I had the bowls on my Christmas list and removed them! (my list is always shamefully long) But even so, I can't stop thinking about how delightfully pretty they are with their pastel tones and swipes of color.

I wanted them for display just to look at them!

In other news, I recently came across a DIY project that creates a similar swipe of color along a white bowl and it reminded me of the RD sets. Check it out - how to create lacquered jewelry bowls.

Project featured on Stay in the Lines, found via Parlour, found via Ashley :)

Really great little project and the possibilities are endless!


1 comment:

  1. Both sets of bowls are so fun! The gold shimmery one is my favorite, I seem to be drawn to anything that is gold and shimmers!


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