Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Crush

Photo by Laura Moss

Wow!!! This room really took my breath away when I spotted it on House of Turquoise. The design is by Lynn Morgan and I find it so refreshing, don't you? I've been so drawn to pastels recently, and think they will make an appearance in our basement reno, so this room seems to accumulate so many things I've been loving lately. That jar on the coffee table is so fetching. And is that a fig tree? Is that what those trees are? I need one. Just beautiful....

We have a weekend packed with family and friend time! Hope you have a great weekend...see you Monday!



  1. I love those chairs, its all so summery.

  2. Anonymous12/09/2011

    Hey Daniela.....I assume you know about NDI (Natural Decorations Inc)? If not, pull up their website and take a look. I will bet you can find the (fig?) tree there......they are GREAT! Nancy, Denver

  3. Anonymous12/09/2011



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