Monday, December 19, 2011

Candy Christmas

Christmas decorating for 2011 is complete but with our basement renovation underway, I have put Carter on notice that there shall be two Shuffler Christmas trees next in our living room and one in the new den.

And since our den is shaping up to be a nice combination of colors, I have already started planning a candy-themed tree for next year.

Via (a great inspiration site for trees!)

Design by Tobi Fairley

I already have a fantastic set of candy cane ornaments to start my collection. And last week, I picked up a set of these lollipop ornaments from Target:

I will be majorly scouting the after-Christmas sales for candy ornaments - drop me a line if you happen to see any!


  1. Love the idea. I set up a small candy theme tree, while I waited for my boys to come home from college to decorate the big tree. The target lollipops look great on the tree. Merry Christmas!

  2. Gray Maher12/19/2011

    love love your idea and it is so you.....

  3. Love candy trees! I did one when my biggest kids were little and they still remember it. I used real candy. They had inexpensive ribbon candy at Walmart back in the day + candy canes and lots of ribbon.
    Yay now I want two trees next year too.


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