Thursday, December 8, 2011

Painted Urn Lamps

These Sedgefield by Adams urn lamps are currently available on One Kings Lane and I absolutely love their colorful take on a very classic lamp silhouette:

I come across urn lamps very often at places like HomeGoods (or vintage ones on Etsy) and I love the idea of painting them two-tone with a great color and white, like the examples above. The leaf pattern on these is kind of fancy, so perhaps just a simple double stripe or chevron at the bottom would be easier to replicate.

Would make for a great, easy DIY project!



  1. This lamp is so pretty and would look great in a project we are working on right now.

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful! I can picture any of these fit in my living perfectly! Stop by, Im having a great Christmas giveaway!


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