Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stormy Sky

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Photo by Chris and Cami Photography via

Reasons why I like this room:

1) It's in Charleston...and as we know, I'll take anything in Charleston. This particular room lives in the Charleston Symphony Showhouse (2009, I think).

2) The designer of this room, Evon Kirkland Interiors, is based in Columbia, SC, Carter's hometown and thus a place that I love. Columbia is a great city for interior design...remember this little gem I found while shopping? Hello Columbia family.

3) The ceiling. Doesn't it look like the most beautiful stormy sky? I am typically anti faux finishes on walls, but this ceiling draws me in...I find myself staring at it in the picture. And I like how the finish is carried down on to the crown to envelope the room.

4) Whatever is hanging over the mantle. I can't tell from the picture, but it kind of looks like a wreath of lustrous shells...I love the iridescent quality and the texture coupled with the stormy sky.

5) The color scheme...ask me a year ago if I liked purple in decor and I would have lied and said "When used well." But, now...oh, I do love some lavender. And the pops of yellow (especially that gorgeous lamp) are very nice.

6) Last, but certainly not least as it's my favorite element in the room...the curtains...made out of this fabric:

Palais Chinois by Osborne & Little...the perfect touch for the room. Well played, EKI.

I think I would prefer different seating and a swap of the console table behind the couch, but I do like how the neutral tones in these pieces help to anchor the room. What an eye-catching space!


  1. So pretty! You always find the best fabric! thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE this room. The lavender walls + silver leaf ceiling are dynamite. Exactly the feeling I wanted in my master bedroom when I painted it a blue-gray + metallic gray ceiling (but rather failed at...for now!). And you're right, that fabric is perfect.

    This is going straight into my inspiration files. :)


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