Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 DCDH: Nestor Santa-Cruz

I was delighted to receive an email from Nestor Santa-Cruz yesterday with photos of his reception room for the 2010 DC Design, the room's transformation is stunning.

I unfortunately didn't take good photos of the room during the Bare Bones tour, but I did take a shot of the ceiling, which gives you an idea of what Nestor was working with...

And now for the magic:

All Photography by Angie Seckinger

A showcase of crisp, classic, sophisticated elegance - hallmarks of Santa-Cruz's design. I love that he kept the gorgeous wall mirror and incorporated it into the room's updated decor. With the photos, he included a blurb about his thoughts for the room and mentioned that he aimed to work with elements already present:

"In designing the Reception Room, I wanted to maintain a hint of the original house. The Neoclaasical background and architectural details gave me an opportunity to step back, and reappraise what the decor should be: comfortable and welcoming in an elegant way, but very personal."

This space is certainly in harmony with the house, and I have a feeling it flows beautifully with the other rooms...I'll have to see for myself when I go!

I'm so happy to be posting about Nestor because I absolutely love his work and he is Cuban-born but spent time growing up in El Salvador, which makes him all the more interesting to me (I was born in ES). We had a lovely back and forth chat over email yesterday and I was thrilled to "meet" him.

Thank you for the sneak peek into your beautiful room, Nestor!

Want to see it for yourself? Buy your tickets here...


  1. Oh how fun! And yes that mirror was fantastic. Made to order, originally, I am sure. Isn't fun to get to know all of these tallented people through blogging. It goes without saying that I love your blog... Actually, I did say it already. :D Have a great week!

  2. Gorgeous -- and I love the "after" on the ceiling. Painting the whole thing out in gold was fantastic. Though I gotta say, I kind of liked the "before", too. I know it's tacky, but I've got a weakness for Egyptian (even faux Egyptian).

  3. That ceiling is so cool. Love all the detail work and depth that it has. Wonderful room.


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