Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Crush

Photo by Patrick Cline, design by Lizzie Bailey via

I can't believe that I have yet to post on February's issue of Lonny (and the new issue is right around the corner). It's just a symptom of how nutty bananas these past couple of months have been - I have a STACK of shelter mags that are sitting on my bedside table pleading with me to read them...I'm a wee bit behind.

But, enough of my whining...this is my favorite image from the current Lonny issue. It's the NYC home of Lizzie Bailey, and although I was drooling over all pages in this issue, I was especially envious of her digs. Her home feels so light and airy, but her furniture and accent pieces are such a mix of color, texture and style - I love it. This picture in particular grabbed me because I have a very similar little spot in my living room - a focal point parsons table - and it has been a blank canvas for a year now...I'll be studying this pic for some inspiration.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend - see you Monday!!


  1. I love how she's converted it into a bar.

  2. Me too! For my purposes, a bar in my living room (in the particular spot where I have it) isn't practical, but this pic makes me want to do it!

  3. so funny....i have the same situation. and this photo, i have seen a few times. it totally draws my eye. i might have to fix my 'blank spot' into a bar. love it.

    have a great weekend too dollface! xo

  4. I'm so excited about Lonny - every issue has been right out of the park, and they're pioneering such an innovative idea (for the design world, at least). I really hope it continues to pick up steam - and I can't wait for the new issue!


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