Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pass the Salt

Did you know that if you are ever asked to pass the salt, you should pass the pepper as well? They are a set and are meant to stay together on a table...and these sets from Tracy Porter are perfect for keeping salt married to pepper on a divine, colorful stand.

Wouldn't it be so fun to design a whole tablescape around this set of shakers? The colors are so gorgeous and as our thoughts turn to spring and summer, I can imagine the most festive, outdoor brunch with pinks and blues to match these little birds (and hats...I think there would be hats involved...and sundresses...and really good bloody marys/mimosas/bellinis...ok, I'm done).

Aaaand...wait for it... 

wait for it...

I need these. Everything about this set of foos is fantastic and would add so much flair to a table...and the twirled finial...perfection.

I have started to amass a little collection of Chinoiserie salt and pepper shakers...these would be the crown seriously contemplating them.

Get yours on the Tracy Porter site here and here for 48 bucks a pop.


  1. I am just not a big fan of TP's pottery, BUT her chandeliers are super fantastic.

  2. It is quite colorful! I need to check out her chandys...

  3. Beautiful! I absolutely adore cute salt and pepper shakers and these are art in and of themselves.

  4. Love TP. She does a darling little singerie set with orangutans and koi, too.


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