Monday, April 12, 2010

DC Design House Preview Party

I failed you, dear readers. I volunteered to help at the preview party Friday night for the 2010 DC Design House, and I didn't take any pictures! I know, I know...bad blogger.

But, I wanted to share my evening because it was so fun! Highlights include:

1) Being "stationed" in Sally Steponkus' room...literally every single person that walked in sighed, awash in the relaxation that the room exudes. Truly, this room is a beautiful, monochromatic wonder...140 yards of custom-dyed Quadrille fabric...gorgeous. And I got to hang with Sally, which is always a bonus!

2) I had a wonderful, delightful, long chat with Wanda Crossley and Kevin Chadwick of Matthews House & Garden, an amazing home and garden shop in Upperville, VA. Michele of My Notting Hill did a great blog post about their shop - read it here. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting this duo - they were so nice and are so talented. I've been meaning to see the shop since I read Michele's post, but after meeting the brains behind the operation, I'm so excited to go! I'll let you know when I'm coming, Wanda and Kevin :)

3) Another wonderful conversation I had was with Nestor Santa-Cruz, who I "met" over email last weekend, but actually got to meet in person at the party. He was charming, gracious and entertaining and I enjoyed spending the evening with him. I'm hoping to bring you more of Nestor's work on this blog.

4) I finished out my evening with a glass of wine and a chat with Michael Hampton and partner David Kantor. I've mentioned that Michael writes his own blog, but the duo also write a foodie blog - Michael and David's Adventures with Food, which I hear is mostly David's endeavor. Michael's room at the Design House is fantastic (I'm running out of positive adjectives, here, but trust me that this room deserves them all)...the color palette is wonderful and the finishing touches and details are just divine.

Photos via My Notting Hill of Michael Hampton's room:

I promise that next time I attend such a fun design event, I'll take pictures! Until then, the Design House is officially open for business, so buy your tickets and go!

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  1. So glad you met Wanda and Kevin. I think you're going to love their store. What a great idea to volunteer for the party - I wish I thought of that!


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