Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kelley Proxmire

I left out one highlight from my post yesterday about the DC Design House preview party, and that is that I met DC designer Kelley Proxmire. I nabbed a moment to introduce myself as Ms. Proxmire walked by me (with the most divine scarf about her neck, I might add) and I told her I wrote a blog so she gave me one of her press CDs with pictures from her room at the house...you might have seen this little darling making the rounds in blogland...

I think Kelley is a master of color. She uses it in ways that are so pleasing to the eye and make such an impact in a room. She uses accessories, fabrics, paint, trim - all to create the most pulled-together, cohesive looks. Kelley mixes looks - old and new, traditional and contemporary - but her spaces are always unified and have that well-thought-out quality that attracts many of us to good design.

Kelley was also recently asked to design the lobby of the DC Design House and my little CD had a picture of that project as well:

I have LOVED digging into the portfolios of some local DC designers, and Kelley's especially...her rooms totally do it for me...classic, colorful and elegant...proving you can have it all. Below are some of my favorite shots from her portfolio - see these and more pictures on her website at www.kelleyinteriordesign.com.

All photos via kelleyinteriordesign.com


  1. Hey D,
    I have a question regarding the first picture you posted today. First of all, I love it--can't take my eyes off of it. At the same time, however, I feel that somehow it needs color somewhere. Just a little--one chair, perhaps, or even a vase. I'm just interested in your opinion. Does the room work because it so perfectly cohesive or is that a flaw? I'm learning, so pardon me if this question makes me look like a rube. . .

  2. I just wanted you to know that I have been a fan of your blog for awhile now, since I found it through FB. We just bought a new townhome and as I attempt to decorate it, your blog provides a lot of inspiration. So thanks and great job!

  3. Elise, for me, this room works. The art is in the ability to stick strictly to a color palette and create an engaging space that is not boring (which I think is a major skill if you only rely on pattern and texture).

    On the other hand, if you think the room needs a hint of another color, then it is flawed.

    (cue the music...)

    For me, what works and what doesn't depends on your eye...a room's success is dictated by the beholder.

    Ah, the beauty of it all.

  4. Priya! Thank you and so glad you are liking it :)(Dear readers, Priya and I go WAY back...like elementary school back...)

  5. Thanks, D. I am really learning so much from this blog, and I'm keeping copious notes on ideas to use somewhere down the road.
    I notice that another photo--the black and white sunroom--uses red in the way that my eye wishes the first photo did. Anyway, thanks again. Happy Tuesday.

  6. E, I think the black/white sunroom is a great example of what you're alluding to - still a strict color palette but it has touches of a bold color to spice things up and draw the eye. I love the look (and I also love those sconce shades!).

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  7. I love her work. I have to catch my breath still when I see the blue bedroom....love it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Kelly definitely makes black walls look liveable...and I adore that blue bedroom: it's definitely the feeling I'm going for in my own.

  9. wow. thats really really beautiful work. love her style. how lucky to you got to meet her.

  10. love all her images - especially the top brown one and the blue and green sitting room! thanks for the inspiration! KG

  11. I just love the bold use of color-especially the turquoise and green room--so sunny!

  12. Yum that turquoise room is to die for. Love it. Great designer.

  13. Anonymous4/14/2010

    Brilliantly said! You have echoed my feelings exactly - when you walk in, the room takes your breath away - then you begin to savor all the details, the more you look the more there's to see! Then this can also be said for all her Design House rooms! They are all sophisticated, 'uptown' - yet inviting and livable - you can envision yourself living in the space. A feast & joy for the eyes!
    A Kelley Design groupie!


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