Monday, December 28, 2009

My Dream Chinoiserie Cabinet

Did you have a nice Christmas? Ours was wonderful. We spent good time with family, although it was of course too short. And I was lucky to receive lots of great presents that I'll share with you tomorrow...

While we were in South Carolina, my mother-in-law indulged me by swinging me by some of my favorite shops. I absolutely love hitting the home decor shops in Columbia, SC...I find the most beautiful things.

Unfortunately, my absolute favorite shop was closed (and I was so excited to show it to you on the blog!) but we did happen upon a new shop that was quite lovely - Devine Street Interiors on, you guessed it, Devine Street. The shop had the MOST gorgeous Chinoiserie china cabinet...the stuff of dreams. I was drooling thinking about how amazing this would look in my dining room (assuming it would even fit!)

No way it was coming home with me, so the next best thing was to take some pictures and post it on the blog! Isn't it lovely??




  1. Wow, that is stunning. I hope you had a great Christmas!!

  2. I know! Hope yours was good too, Jenn!

  3. Sorry to hear that cabinet didn't quite make it to your house! What a show stopping your blog!

  4. wallet couldn't quite handle the price, Kelly! So glad you like the blog :)

  5. that thing is the bomb!


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