Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AO Christmas 2009: The Living Room and Kitchen

Today I'll give you a little tour of the other items I put up in the living room to go with the tree, as well as the small accents that are adorning the kitchen.

The tree usually takes full attention in the living room, so this year I kept the other pieces pretty simple. I think I'll decorate a bit more next year, but with a busy holiday season and plenty to do on the new house, I made it easy on myself :)

We picked up a live wreath at Home Depot when we got the tree and we finally hung our large silver mirror over the fireplace - it makes SUCH a difference in the room to have something large hanging on that wall - especially a mirror that opens up the room with its reflection.

I had a nice full faux garland that I used last year that was perfect draped over the fireplace to go with our stockings. Carter is not a fan of his stocking - and I do see his point. It's damask and it has a ruffle...but he puts up with it because he knows it makes me happy to have a decorative statement with our stockings. Both stockings are Ballard Designs purchases from a year or two ago.

I positively ADORE nutcrackers. I started collecting them two Christmases ago. These two make a really cute pair with some darling mini nutcrackers - a perfect centerpiece for the coffee table. I can't wait to have a real mantel over our fireplace as I certainly plan to display a nutcracker collection there next year.

This is a view of my family's nativity. Since Carter and I started hosting Christmas and other holidays, my dad let us "borrow" the nativity to display. My sister and I both love this set - it is beautifully made and has sentimental value as we always put it out growing up, usually at the base of the Christmas tree. You'll note that the baby Jesus is about five times the size of Mary...we broke the original baby Jesus many years ago and this was his replacement...adds to the character of the set. And doesn't every nativity need a blue pagoda birdhouse??

And finally for the living room, some views of the mirrored armoire. I didn't do much else to it except tuck some of those glittered magnolias between the items I usually display. These are the same magnolias I use on the tree - hard to tell here, but they are glittered and lovely.

And some views of the Christmas accents we picked up in El Salvador that are making the kitchen festive...


These items are classic examples of the folk art you will find in El Salvador made by different artisans and villages that specialize in these colorful crafts throughout the country. The designs are based on the work of one particular artist named Fernando Llort. I'll tell you all about the art of Sr. Llort in a future blog - it's so beautiful, and especially so at Christmas.

 Tomorrow I'll show you the best room of all (I think)...the dining room!


  1. Ahh, the Chinoiserie manger... I love it! Your house looks super cute for Christmas! Hope your holidays are magical! xo kitty

  2. I love the Nativity Set story. Those are the kinds of things that make Christmas memories. Beautiful lamp and mirrored armoire!

  3. Looks great! I love your accents from El Salvador, it's nice to bring back fond memories of a trip with Christmas decorations you've purchased while traveling. I picked up a bunch of ornaments in Mexico, but am still kicking myself for not scooping up some "pop up" nativity scenes- they were so unique and I've never seen anything similar.


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