Wednesday, December 23, 2009

AO Christmas 2009: The Dining Room

This year, I think the dining room has been my favorite room to decorate for Christmas. I have been collecting jewel-toned ornaments for the past year or two and they all found their perfect spot on display in our colorful dining room.

I took these pictures Saturday morning before the girls came over for brunch...


That is our musical nutcracker standing guard in the center of the table. He is perched on a gold tray holding goodie bags for the girls and some of my ornaments. I found a set of four boxwood wreaths on Ballard Designs that I ordered for the dining chairs. I hung them with some lavender satin ribbon...and I love the result!



I truly never tire of using my china...and it works quite well for Christmas with its golden green hues.

The view above is before I set the can catch a glimpse of my glittered candy canes hanging from the chandelier and my tabletop tree proudly displaying my collection of ornaments. I purchased these ornaments at an amazing shop in Columbia, South Carolina called Madison Hall. My mother-in-law swings me by there after Christmas every year when they have their totally fabulous Christmas decor on sale...I get giddy just thinking about it! I definitely look forward to that when we're home in South Carolina for the holiday.

I wrapped a faux garland around the arms of the chandelier and hung the candy canes as well as some glittered stars from the arms...I really like how fun and whimsical it looks.


I was so excited to use this set of ornaments in this room! The jewel tones work beautifully with the purples and greens of the room...would it be bad if I left them up year round?


  1. Your dining room looks gorgeous -- I love the colors and the boxwood wreaths over the dining room chairs really brings it all over the top!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Happy Holidays Daniela.

  3. Thanks ladies - Merry Christmas to you both!!

  4. Can you tell me the name of your china pattern? I'd love to know your MIL's pattern as well if you don't mind providing that information.

    Thank You!
    Tina Harris
    Atlanta, Georgia

  5. Hi Tina! My china pattern is Derby Panel Green by Royal Crown Derby. Not sure about my MIL's - I'll ask!


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