Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stepped Rex Headboard

It's been a while since I've made a purchase for the house that has thrilled me to the core...and it was worth the wait. Because I just bought a glorious upholstered headboard from One Kings Lane and had to share because it comes in some ridiculous colors AND IS ONLY $370 FOR A QUEEN.

Here is the one coming home to me - the Rex headboard in beige:

And it's going in this bedroom, which is currently our guest bedroom but will now become our sleeping quarters with Mac's move to the other downstairs bedroom for his nursery.

Let me tell you, picking a color was not simple. I really, really debated going with the lilac version because it kept visiting me in dreams...

But, alas, my rational brain won and I decided to pick a color that would safely coordinate with my current room...though I think the pattern on the one I chose spices it up a bit.

And here are even more colors to make your choice especially excruciating:

But wait...that's not even all of the colors. THERE ARE MORE - click here to see them all.  And the price ranges from $369 (twin, full, queen) to $459 (king, cal king).

This was a serious buy in my eyes...I might have strongly argued my case for a solid 4 days with Carter ("But we don't need a headboard, D...we have one that YOU picked out."...silly Carter) and eventually just had to go for it as my brain wasn't allowing for other thoughts until I bought it.

I might still be thinking about the lilac one...happy headboard shopping!

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  1. You always find the best things! Love the shape of this headboard, it is a nice break from the typical designs you are seeing everywhere.


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