Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Black Hexagon Bathroom Floor

It is finally happening. We are finally, finally (!) turning our attention to our upstairs bathroom. We literally have not TOUCHED it since we moved in. Actually, we replaced the pink toilet with a white one, but that's it.

Otherwise, it has stayed in its original 1950s state - gray and black wall tile, white walls, and pink fixtures. I personally love the wall tile. And it's in ok shape (not great, but ok). So all we need is paint, some new fixtures and a new floor.

For the floor, I decided we are going to do a black hexagon tile and I'm pretty jazzed about it. I think it will be a perfect statement.

Let's be clear that our bathroom won't look nearly as beautiful as the ones pictured above when complete, but the floors will hopefully be the same.

Every room in our house has gotten a facelift except the bathroom (which happens to be our bathroom, so in a way, it's the "master"). Once we give it a cosmetic update AND finish up the expansion of our basement den, we might actually be done with this fixer upper.

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  1. I love your choice for new tile, kudos! Many years ago we lived in an old Victorian, all original pink and black. I would tell the children, honestly, to swing from the tile bars. That bathroom was so darn well made, everything was in mint condition and that towel bar never moved. Of course husband said why remodel when it was in perfect condition. Thanks for bringing back pink and black bath memories!


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