Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Catalog Pick: Moroccan Coffee Table

I consider these catalog picks to be public service announcements. As I write them, I'm usually thinking, "Do people know this is available?!?!" My hope is I'm unearthing gems.

Like this Moroccan coffee table (base) that is available at Pier 1 for $350. That's bananas for something so wonderful to look at:

The style factor of your space would go up exponentially with this reasonably priced item. I LOVE the star motif and you just can't get more handsome with the lines and shape. You can go modern, traditional, boho...pick your flavor and you can likely work this table in.

I am already doing mental gymnastics to create the need for a new coffee table in my house...nothing yet, but this will probably be the first one I buy next time I need one.

See it here....(also available as a lovely end table!)

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