Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Crush

Design by Tilton Fenwick, Photo by Trevor Tondro for New York Cottages & Gardens

I have been knee-deep in sourcing everything for our bathroom "renovation" this week...not sure if it's a true renovation or more of an update but all I know is I am so glad it is finally happening. 

Our bathroom looks absolutely nothing like the sensational design above by Tilton Fenwick but I've been focused on this kind of imagery this week. I LOVE the subway tile and wallpaper combination with the subtle bullnose border of tile delineating the two. And the artwork makes it, yes? I wonder what the owners thought when the designer suggested that painting in the bathroom...

We are showering one of our besties and her bump Saturday and I can't wait...if I get some good photos of the party setup, I'll share. Hope you have a fun weekend ahead! See you next week.

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