Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mac's Nursery: Inspiration

Mac is finally getting a nursery...I think.

The plan has been to put Mac in Ana Claire's room once she moves over to the bed from her crib. Which has not happened. And Mac is still in our room. And we are approaching one year.

Carter and I are convinced that having them together would actually work fine (and would be more convenient for us). But it's a question of timing and I'm getting impatient with Mac's unsettled state and the fact that the little guy has no dedicated space in our house (stuff. is. everywhere.).

We also agreed that there is something nice about devoting space to a child...Ana Claire's room is hers. The older she gets, the more she loves her room. We designed it for her and every little touch that went into it was carefully planned for our baby girl. And I want to do the same for Mac.

So, that's where we are headed. Though we asked Ana Claire if she wanted Mac in her room, to which we received a hearty "Yes!"...hmmm, what to do with that.

In the meantime, the nursery design is coming together rather quickly in my head. And I stumbled across this picture which is part inspiration and part teaser to show you where I'm kind of going with my own design:

Design by and image via Smitten Design

LOVE this nursery. It's not exactly where I'm going with Mac's space but I'm hoping the overall feeling is similar. I am employing black and white buffalo check, a wood jenny lind crib (Ana Claire's current crib once we evict her) and dogs.

I am no dog person, but I can appreciate a solid dog motif. Especially for a little boy's space.

I'm hoping to strike a balance between whimsy and masculine and the above nursery captures that quite well...though I'm planning for more color (you know me).

Plans will be shared. I think I just need to mentally get over the room-sharing idea which was our hope...but I know having a sweet space just for Mac is going to make my heart happy.


  1. That room is so cute for a little boy. I love the dog too. A few years ago I went on a home tour. The girl's bedroom was all decorated with dog printed fabric, bedding, curtains and a huge collection of different dog painting. The room was adorable and so well put together. Definitely for a dog lover.

  2. I love that room. Three of our kids were in a room together, 2 girls and a boy, for years. When my son got his own room, he still slept in the girls' room for awhile. I have Tiffani Thiesen's baby boy's nursery on my blog today and am showing how to get same room for less. Hope you can head over and check it out.


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