Friday, May 25, 2012

A Tour of Kravet's Studios

I interrupt regular Friday Crushing to bring you some pictures from the tour we took of the Kravet, Lee Jofa, and Brunschwig & Fils studios during Blogfest. This was absolutely my favorite part of the three day event. My jaw was literally on the floor from the moment I walked in until the moment I was a fabric WONDERLAND. I was in a frenzy taking pictures on my phone, so these aren't great and they are out of order, but hopefully you'll understand the kind of gorgeous I was exposed to.

(Below) A hand block print with the actual blocks...can you imagine the process to create this fabric by hand??

(Below) That's Beth Greene on the left, Kravet's VP of Marketing. Blogfest is her team's creation and she was a lovely host.

(Below) The Brunschwig have no idea how gorgeous it was in there!

(Below) Showing us hand-coloring at Lee Jofa...

 (Below) These are outdoor fabrics! They were beautiful in person.

We got to meet many of the teams that work on these beautiful products and they each explained to us how they do it - it was FASCINATING. We learned how they design their showroom displays, how they design their fabrics, how they work with hand-drawings as well as computer software to achieve their looks, how they work with mills, how they work with their licensed designers...the list goes on. I was in a fabric fantasyland.

Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend...see you Monday (or possibly Tuesday)!


  1. Fabric heaven!!! Beautiful!!! Wow, I'd love to play there!

  2. It truly was fabric wonderland/heaven/nirvana! I need to gather my thoughts and photos to do a Blogfest round-up. I may have to borrow your photo from yesterday's post of the group because I didn't get one on my phone/camera. Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. These are such great pictures! It's so interesting seeing the inner workings of everything. We recently went to the Clarence House studio and it was so cool to see the process they go through for each and every fabric.

  4. love it! this was so fun! wish we were still there!!!!

  5. have a great weekend with {Carter} the hubby!

  6. Anonymous5/26/2012

    What is with all the terribly wrinkled fabric in most of these pictures?Doesn't anyone have an ironing board....even ones hanging on the walls..makes me want to iron them....shame

  7. I am so envious but if I had been there I would have been panting and drooling like a hungry dog, lol! That looks so fascinating.

  8. Forget golden roads and pearly gates- that's heaven! Thanks for sharing!

  9. So so glad we met at Blogfest2012 - what an incredible 3 days behind the scenes!!

    Let's keep in touch!


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