Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blogfest Was Awesome

Y'all, Blogfest was awesome. I had the best time meeting bloggers, listening to industry insiders and DROOLING over Kravet/Lee Jofa/Brunschwig & Fils fabrics as we toured their studios. Not to mention this was all against the backdrop of New York City. And had I been smart and only worn flats all three days, the experience would have been even better.

I love this picture that was taken on the last day right before I left - I'm surrounded by some fabulous ladies and some new friends. First row left to right is Danika of Gorgeous Shiny Things and O'verlays, me, Barbara Franceski, and Kathy of My Interior Life. Second row left to right is Lisa of Lisa Mende Design, Kirsten of Kirsten Nease Designs, Cheryle of O'verlays, and Laura of Bright Bold & Beautiful. We had a great time chatting for three days straight.

An enormous thank you to the Kravet family - both the brand family and the actual blood-related family. Did you know Kravet is a family-owned business that goes back generations? We met many of the Kravet siblings as they were ever-present throughout the week and getting to know them strengthened their brand in my eyes. Really nice people creating beautiful products - always a great combination. Not to mention Kravet is at the top of their game using social media, apps and bloggers to reach their customer marketing department.

I took lots of (not-so-great) pictures on my phone of all the pretty things I saw, so I will be sure to share those with you soon!


  1. I love this photo ~ I am already looking forward to our next event to get together, what a blast!!

  2. It looks like it was fantastic.. Thanks for the labels! Im seeing tons of pictures on Facebook and want to know who everyone is! Three cheers for Kravet! and family owned businesses!

  3. Daniela, it was such a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you better! I look forward to many more fun times with this great group of women! Did you tell Carter that he was a topic of conversation as well? Haha!
    Hope you are resting today. I can't seem to get my mind settled to do a post! So much fun!

  4. I am so glad we got to meet and hang out! I love this group of ladies and can't wait for next year. I am so exhausted right now, so maybe next year we do a spa day before we head back to reality.

    P.S. We are beaching it when you get to Boston girl!


  5. So great meeting you! Of course I was on the floor, directly behind this photo...literally reading um, a magazine!:) I never got to hear the end of the story, as to how you came by my reading material? email me, would love to finish the conversation! :)

  6. I absolutely loved getting to meet you and all the other ladies. Such a great group! Would love to get together again soon . . . not sure I can wait a year to see everyone. And I agree with Danika - a spa day would have been a great idea! Take care!



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