Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bust Lamps

This image caught my attention - it's from the Captain Fairfield Inn in Maine, decorated by Rachel Reider. I saw it on The Pursuit of Style and the image is from Rue's holiday issue.

 Photo by Emily Johnston Anderson

What catches your eye in this space? For me, it was a couple of things - the rugs, the dark banister, the wallpaper and the great use of modern chairs in a complementary color.

But most of all, I loved those lamps!! I'm pretty sure I have that exact pair of busts that I bought from an Etsy dealer several years ago. Here, they look fantastic mounted on columns and wired as lamps. I have always wanted to turn an object into a lamp (and have several candidates in my own home), but I never thought to use these little busts. 

I think I'll keep mine as just busts because I love using them as decorative accessories, but I thought this bust lamp concept was great!

Have you ever had a favorite object turned into a lamp?


  1. The wallpaper, just can't see anything but the wallpaper.

  2. Love this foyer and everything about the juxtaposition of the modern and traditional. Barbara Cosgrove made some lamps like those a few years back and I still love them, especially with those shades! I have an old dutch coffee tin that is begging me to make into a lamp. This inspires me to do it!

  3. The lamps are Barbara Cosgrove (pretty sure anyway.) I have them as bedside table lamps & love them.

  4. yes, they are barbara cosgrove! dynamite!

  5. For me it's the little golden balls. They are super cute. What are they made out off?


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