Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cool Crewel

I just came across these beautiful fabrics and I really love their Quadrille-like appeal translated to crewel, thus slightly textured with embroidery.

These fabrics are not inexpensive at almost $100/yd but we can all agree that for hand-embroidery this beautiful, the price tag is worth it. If I was an heiress, I would opt for a duvet made of the sky linen! In reality, I think just buying one yard to make two pillows out of the nutmeg linen would be divine.


  1. Anonymous5/11/2012

    You might like these pillows from Ballard - on sale for $50, plus an extra 15% off if you get their emails!

    Thanks for you blog - I love checking in on it!

  2. We are manufacturers of this fabric. Thanks for showcasing these beautiful fabrics.



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