Monday, April 16, 2012

Pink Fabrics

Along with mint, pink has had a large share of my brain function as of late. I think it's because it's now Spring and I want everything in my house to have a dose of femininity. My new favorite game is to look at pink fabric online.

So far, I think this one is my favorite:

It's called Empress of India by Warwick and I found it on the Lewis & Sheron website. I love the various shades of coraly pink mixed with leaf and spring greens and taupe. A traditional Jacobean floral that would look awesome in a bright sunny space like a breakfast nook or a very pretty bedroom.

I also really like this fabric by Robert Allen called Flintwick Flame...very Katie Ridder-esque.

My internet wandering led me to many pink fabrics that I tagged as lovely, so I put them into my latest ideabook for Houzz:

Pretty in pink! Happy Monday :)


  1. This is so helpful and such good timing! I am in search of the perfect fabric with pink! Thanks for all of the lovely options!

  2. Anonymous4/16/2012

    Thank you so much! I love pink. It seems to get a bad rap and not be featured often.

  3. I love all the pink fabrics. By the way, have you considered painting the outside of your Just wondering?


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