Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lavender Dream Living Room

While on the subject of Eileen Kathryn Boyd and pastels this week, let's discuss this bananas lavender adventure of a living room designed by EKB for, what I think, is a Traditional Home Holiday showhouse (can someone verify this?):

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Where do you start with a space like this? The emerald green is the perfect touch to Eileen's use of various shades of lilac, lavender and orchid. And I love just a peek of aqua in the chair and how the room is grounded with taupe.

Note the painted panels, or is it framed wallpaper? Either way, what a genius way to decorate the walls that adds both color and texture and could really be a crazy wonderful DIY project that would be a lot easier then painting every inch of your wall in a watercolor pattern or wallpapering a whole room.

I also like the ottoman and parsons coffee table combo - perfectly versatile to move both pieces around.

What a breathtaking word!


  1. Idk, looks like too much to me. As if she said lets decorate it for a photo shoot, not lets decorate it to live in. I think a large framed panel on each end of the room would suffice the goal of tying in the lavender theme. One above the fire place and one above the console. The rest of panels are too much. I'm going to see how many pins this gets!

  2. I would love to know how those panels were created. I would choose a different color but my wheels smoking just looking around my house for the perfect spot for panels like this.

  3. Hmm, this is certainly different!I agree that less panels would work better. I would also add more natural features to bring the outside in. To me, lavender is all about calm and relaxation.

  4. beautiful room ... love the use of so many shades , and in such harmony !!!

  5. Anonymous4/19/2012

    The couch is screaming, "Get me outta here." I love the lavender but couch doesn't blend like the chair. Ugly tan color messes with the soothing lavender aspect.

  6. LOVE! Those walls are beyond amazing! The colors are my favorite...

  7. Anonymous4/19/2012

    I think the room would be just fine without the lavender walls. But, I am always a fan of unusual color pairings/palettes. Lavender and emerald... never would think it could be so gorgeous, fresh and warm.

  8. I love this! It looks like Porter Teleo??



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