Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magic Carpet Rug

I recently ordered Urban Outfitters' Magic Carpet Rug for my office, and it just came in the mail.

I should probably save my thoughts for when I actually take it out of the packaging and use it, but just from a glimpse at the rug folded within plastic, I love it! I got the pink version on the right and for $64, I think it's great. The colors are spectacular - pink, navy, jade, teal, orange...I'm a little worried that it won't quite mix with my office fabric, but it has many of the same colors so I hope it makes the floral in my curtain fabric feel younger.

I'm planning to use it under my desk area...I think it will be a great grounding piece under my idea of a modern IKEA desk and a vintage desk chair that I have.

I'll give a full report once I actually use it...if I could just get started on my office!


  1. So glad you wrote about this. I saw this rug and thought, too good to be true.

  2. I was just looking at these rugs! Cannot wait to hear how you like it!


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