Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dream Mint Kitchen

I most definitely found my ultimate dream kitchen yesterday while reading La Dolce Vita - the post was profiling the imaginary dream home of Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic and the kitchen she chose is to-die-for gorgeous.

Kitchen design by Garrison Hullinger, based in Portland, Oregon (thanks Erin!)

I am having a love affair with the color mint these days (who isn't), so this combination of mint+white+wood+brass is just out of this world. And the carpet for the space is the perfect touch. I also love how they continued the mint color on the crown moulding of what appears to be a very high ceiling. I have to admit that I don't love the cabinetry hardware, but it's literally the only thing I would switch up in the space to make it more me. I love it!!!!!!!

**UPDATED**Does anyone know the source of these images? I couldn't track down the photographer or designer (or publication, if there is one) so if you've seen these before, please let me know the info in the comments so I can update the post.


  1. LOVE this kitchen!! It was designed by Garrison Hullinger. I blogged about the kitchen here:

    1. Thank you Erin! I thought it might be by them, but I couldn't find it in their portfolio. Many thanks :)

    2. Beyond wonderful! I especially love the pantry panel door. Charming.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm sorry! I deleted the above comment because I misspelled your name! Daniela! I love this kitchen! It is beautiful! You certainly picked a winner!


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