Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Crush

My Chinoiserie tangerine dream!!! I've seen this mirror before, but it's absolutely captivating in this juicy shade of orange. It was on One Kings Lane yesterday, but is now sold out (not that I could really afford it anyway). It would look so beautiful in my house...but alas, a girl can only dream.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather. See you Monday!


  1. You should go to Z Gallerie at Tysons. They have one just like it (I think it was black though). I think it was about $300. It's not on their website for some reason.

  2. I pined that when I saw it as well. Its insanely awesome!

  3. Pretty sure it is the same maker as the Z Gallerie version too. Watch Gilt....they run sales on this line too. I got one (another style) for less than designer pricing on Gilt a while back.

  4. Phenom! Still too much mulla @ half price:(

  5. Anonymous4/15/2012

    I just posted mine for sale on CL... in case you are interested.

  6. Anonymous4/15/2012

    I forgot to mention, I bought the one from Lonny magazine office. They were selling everything because of their office move...I was super excited but it did not go well wt my decor, plus I have 3 more oversized mirror in my one bedroom.


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