Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Target Chairs

The chairs in this entry are from Target.

Photo by Werner Straube via Traditional Home

Tar. Get.

This entry hall is designed by and in the home of designer Skip Sroka, who is a Washington DC-area talent. 

The fabulous chest of drawers probably costs oodles, as it should. My goal in this post is not to point out cheap chairs. It's to point out the mix. "Cheap" and expensive can work together side-by-side in harmony, with unique and stellar results.



  1. Love the mix and that entry is to die for!

  2. That IS good. Takes a whole other level of talent to have the eye and courage to mix way high and low like that.

  3. isn't it amazing how style can be priceless? it's about the space as a whole and how each piece complements the other--target or not!

    love this kind of post!!!


  4. They're knockoffs of Philippe Starck's Ghost chairs, at half the price (or less) of the real ones.


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