Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oversized Stuffed Animals

Did you like the giraffe in Mason's nursery?

Oversized stuffed animals are one trend in nursery design that I really, really love. And giraffes (no doubt the most popular choice) are so stinkin' cute. For Mason's room, this giraffe provided a bit of height that I needed to break up the level plane of the crib and the dresser and his colors were a perfect complement to the rest of the room. Not to mention that he upped the fun factor.

I always thought these oversized stuffed animals cost a small fortune and figured that using one was probably not wise with our small (but adequate) budget. Although you can indeed find them for several hundred dollars, I was very happy to find out that Amazon (and other online retailers) carry the Melissa & Doug versions for less than $75!

And there are so many awesome options to choose from:

Ummm, isn't the zebra amazing? I could see two flanking either side of a very chic crib. I absolutely love how the giraffe turned out for Mason, so I will definitely be filing this idea away for the future Shuffler children.



  1. Love it. My favorite (being from Australia) is the oversized stuffed kangaroo that I saw at Macy's in Chicago a couple of years back:

    Stuffed Kangaroo

  2. It is such a fun look to have oversized animals in a nursery. The giraffe in Mason's room looks great!


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