Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jim Thompson Fabric

Please review the images below, then we'll talk fabric:

Thanks to Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda, I was introduced to Jim Thompson Fabrics - a line of fabric (and home goods) purveyed by a company with a rich history based in Bangkok.

As I surveyed the fabric line these images totally and completely captivated me, mostly due to the color scheme of this space. I love the rich, dusty hues of the hexagonal fabric gracing the back of the chair and the pillow and how the colors work beautifully with the curtains and chair front. SO gorgeous.

Close-up of the fabrics used, starting with my favorite "Hexastripe":

I love the painterly stripes, geometric pattern and combination of colors. The curtain fabric from the intro pictures is "Fretwork":

Again, I love the loose lines of this particular fretwork and the deep aqua and rich marigold colors are awesome. Love the marigold version paired with the yellow-based Hexastripe. And finally, the front of the chair is upholstered in a fanciful toile called "Tea Party":

I can never get enough of Chinoiserie toiles and I especially love how the Jim Thompson designers upholstered the front of the chair with this pattern and the back with the Hexastripe - what a glorious combo.

I don't know too much about acquiring this fabric (though I'm sure it's likely trade-only), but take a look at the Jim Thompson website for more information.



  1. I love all of these, particularly the "Hexastripe." Totally unique!


  2. Gorgeous ...... and that chair is amazing !

  3. Hi Daniela, thanks for the mention! I, too, am dying over this fabric collection. I can't decide which pattern I like most, it's all so gorgeous!

  4. I had pillows made out of tea party but in the black/tan colorwave. My client wasn't sure about it at first but now its her (and my) favorite element in the room. Such pretty fabrics!

  5. Oooo.. that blue and white chair is AMAZING! I can picture myself sipping a big icy fruity cocktail in that chair.


  6. I love the upholstery and fabric choices. Do you live in Bangkok or have recomendations for an upholster?


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