Thursday, November 3, 2011

Moorish Mirror Find

Hold the phone.

Remember this dining room by Suzanne Kasler that was my Friday Crush a wee bit ago?

Photo by Tria Giovan via Traditional Home

I wish I could take credit for what I'm about to tell you, but one of my savvy readers left a comment sharing with all of us where we can get that mirror for an affordable price!

So this black and gold version, coming in at a whopping 42" high, can be purchased online for $170! That is seriously awesome.

Yes, it is not the same mirror. Suzanne's mirror (the article says it was sourced at Mrs. Howard) is a bit more delicate in its ivory tone, but this mirror is such a close second. And I imagine some of you may even prefer the darker tone.

I want it, I want it, I want it.

And if the anonymous commenter would kindly identify themselves, we can all thank you for such a great find!



  1. I just recently found that lampsplus has some pretty cool stuff. Coffee tables too, who knew?

  2. Great find thanks for sharing.

  3. Just recently found your blog. I'm reading and enjoying. nice blog

  4. Anonymous11/09/2011

    It is now on sale for $99

  5. Anonymous11/12/2011

    It may well be the same mirror. Phoebe often strips, paints, etc. her finds. There is a pointed starburst mirror she uses all the time in gold/silver/whitewash that she does this to, as well as several lanterns she uses often.

    You could certainly get the mirror and paint the inside I would think!


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