Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sally King Benedict

I am infatuated with the work of artist Sally King Benedict.

Her incredible talent coupled with the fact that she's a southern artist and lives in Charleston puts butterflies in my stomach and makes me drop things.

Soooo, you can imagine how superpsyched I was to see her house featured on the Glitter Guide. Gah! The interiors of her Charleston home do not disappoint.

Photos by Tom McCorkle via theglitterguide.com

What a fantastic home full of color and objects! SKB's talent clearly doesn't stop with her art - she knows how to assemble a space that reflects her good taste.

Carter and I will be spending Christmas in Charleston at his sister's house and we're planning a little road trip to some of our favorite Lowcountry spots. I'm really looking forward to spending a couple of days in Charleston and I think I'll hunt down some of SKB's work to see it in person!


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  1. I really love that first painting.. so soothing but still really happy. A great combo! And the colors are so interesting. Thanks for sharing!



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