Friday, September 23, 2011

Yard Sale!!!

Please come to my yard sale on Sunday!

Sunday, September 25th
8AM - 11AM 
6224 Berlee Drive 
Alexandria, VA

I have all sorts of loot to sell - mostly because Carter is going nuts with the excess items that I keep swearing we'll use, but we haven't. And I'm really eager to start our basement reno, so help a girl out.

Here is some of the stuff I'll be selling (excuse the crappy photos and non-glamorous backgrounds)...


This chair is SO SO cute. I never found a good spot for it in my house, but it's adorable and the seat is covered in one of my favorite fabrics - Le Cirque.

This is not my picture, but I'm selling this exact same cabinet. Would be SO cute with a paint job.

Wee nightstand.

Hard to tell, but this is a little iron table with a pineapple embellishment. My thoughts were to spraypaint it glossy and use as a nightstand.

Footstool upholstered in lilac moire with greek key.

This is a really cool modern desk. I have it in a traditional bedroom, but found that it's a bit too small for what I need. But it's the perfect little small table to give a room a modern edge. 

Vanity, and it has a matching stool that isn't pictured.


I of course have a good bit of fabric to sell! This is just some of it!


I made these pillows for our first house :)

 This is an octagonal tray just dying for a paint job.

HUGE memory board that is perfect for a little girl's room. I made it for my first apartment and still love the color combo.

I went through a memory board phase. 


Really beautiful yellow quilted toile pillow shams.

 Large green glass bowl.

A pagoda. Though I'm nervous to part with it. I told myself that if I can't find a permanent home for it (on display) in my house, I have to let it go Sunday.

That's some of the loot. Of course I also have all manner of knick-knacks and other things like handbags and books. And, I'm just one of four sellers, so there will be other items to peruse as well.

Would love to meet some of you, so come on by!


  1. I LOVE that first chair- it is so so cute for a nursery, someone will be sure to snatch that up right away!

  2. Daniela,

    Oh these will all go quickly, I wish I lived nearby! Love the first chair and the pagoda!

    Art by Karena

  3. You have some killer stuff! You should have no problem getting rid of it.

  4. Our HOA has their semi-annual community garage sale this weekend, and I managed to pick up a couple of things, but nothing as interesting as what you have available for sale.

    I hope you have lots of success!!


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