Monday, September 26, 2011

The Pink Pagoda

I have another web design project to share with you - this time from a client that many of you probably love! I had the pleasure of recently working with Jennifer of Etsy shop The Pink Pagoda to create a logo, website, web ads, and a blog. With Jennifer's love of Chinoiserie, color and whimsical graphics, this was a dream project.

It started with the logo, which was a nice collaboration between the two of us:

And then it moved on to a jazzy website design that steps outside the box a bit as far as traditional web layouts, but still maintains a simple, entertaining experience for the user. Jennifer wanted a little spot on the web where people could learn about her and her products, while also directing users to her shop and her blog.

Jennifer also wanted to write a blog as a companion to her shop to showcase her love of interiors, graphics, Chinoiserie, etc. And it's a great read!

And finally, as part of her new look, Jennifer wanted to expand her advertising on other blogs, so she asked me to create a couple of web ads she could use across blogland to market her business.

I wish I could take credit for the look of The Pink Pagoda's branding, but the amazing Chinoiserie illustrations are all Jennifer's doing. And with such cool graphics, anything looks great!

Jennifer's shop specializes in whimsical glicees:

Make sure you visit The Pink Pagoda's website, blog and shop!


  1. It's a Pink Pagoda day! Jennifer's work is featured on my blog today, too!
    LOVE Pink Pagoda!

  2. Hi Daniela, your creativity is incredible. When I asked you to put these things together for me I knew I'd love whatever you did, but I'm beyond thrilled with all of it! In fact, I'll be in touch soon as I have another project....


  3. Love it! I follow The Pink Pagoda and love what you two have collaborated to come up with! I look forward to hearing how the advertising across blogland goes!! It is bright and bold and happy!!!

  4. Fantastic job. I love TPP .
    Hope you're staying cool. Happy 4th.


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