Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Catalog Pick: Kilim Chairs

The latest thing to catch my eye in a catalog are these kilim chairs from Grandinroad:

Each chair is made with an authentic vintage kilim, so no two chairs are exactly the same. And the brass nailhead trim adds a very nice touch in my opinion.

Would love to see these with a glass dining table to show off the chair patterns. Or one by itself is perfect for a living room or bedroom to bring in an ethnic touch.

What do you guys think? Anybody own one?



  1. Anonymous9/27/2011

    They are amazing. I love covering chairs with unexpected fabric - it's that bit of excitement that creates a room in my opinion. I tried to do something similar with a chair in my guest room: http://courtneyoutloud.wordpress.com/2011/09/02/my-selfish-act-new-chair-for-guest-room/

  2. A great look, and hard-wearing, too. But very scratchy.

  3. Your vision of these chairs with a glass table just gave me the chills - you know, in a good way! ;)

  4. I saw them too and thought that the differences in chairs would either be great or it might look too "Southwest" which is not my thing. I was thinking of a Saarinen style table, 2 of those chairs and a banquette.

  5. I have an old kilim but it's not on a chair! But what a great idea. Thanks!

  6. hello from your newest follower...and pinning stalker! thank goodness your blog doesn't show the holes from all my pins tonight--it'd look like swiss cheese!

    glad to have found you!



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