Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angie & Lavumchid

I think lavender/plum/orchid is having a moment, don't you? I love how Angie Hranowsky has used the regal hue in this home:

The tones in that work of art are outstanding. My favorite color to pair with lavumchid is definitely green....something about the combo is so, so attractive.

The shade of lavumchid that I have worked in throughout my own house is definitely the orchid tone, like this room by Angie:

The shade is characterized by touches of pink, and I LOVE, LOVE it. Especially how Angie uses it here with brass and wood.

Have you always been a lavumchid devotee? Or a new lover of its various shades? Or you're still not into it?

Images from Angie Hranowsky Design Studio...

p.s. Every time I speak Angie's name on this blog I feel compelled to tell you how much I enjoy her work. It's amazing. I love her. I want to live in all of her homes. She's prolly my favorite designer.



  1. Lavender and plum really ARE having a was like how pink was having a moment earlier in the year. If my new issue of House Beautiful could talk it would agree.

  2. Oooo loving theses colour combinations... gorgeous... might have to action some in my own home!

  3. I love lavumchid, the word and the color!


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