Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scenes from this Weekend

I am happy to report that the new rug looks fabulous in our living room. A very happy purchase.

My darling friend Julianne and her husband David are expecting a baby in January. And I get to design the nursery, carte blanche. Bless them. Juli and I did a little shop-hopping on Sunday and found the sweetest vintage rocker that will be getting an upholstery makeover:

We also saw this quirky print that we both liked:

And the highlight of the weekend - spending time with this little monkey. My nephew Charlie:

Hope you guys had a great holiday weekend! I for one am thrilled that summer is on its way out and fall is around the corner!


  1. great rug.
    and really cute monkey.


  2. The rug is fantastic! I can't wait to see how the baby's room turns out. Love that sweet picture.Does your friend know what she is having?

  3. Daniela I adore your new rug!! I love those words "Carte Blanche" The little guy is to too cute!


    Art by Karena

  4. Anonymous9/06/2011

    I love your blog, but I really don't like when people are thrilled summer is ending! I will make an exception in this case, though.

  5. Love the rug--even more in the room than I did in the original picture.
    Cute cute cute little one. How fun!

  6. Hi there
    I'm also helping to design a nursery for my friend having her first next month. We are stuck looking for a good chair for a small space.


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