Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Crush

Pink + Black/White Stripe + Brass + Blue/White porcelain. Is it weird that when I saw this picture on Department of the Interior it felt like me, the coffee table version? I feel so drawn to the whole style of the vignette. Feminine, artsy, bold, colorful, warm. Like me, I'd like to think.

We're drowning in the D.C. area. I've never seen so much rain all at once. I hope you and yours are safe and dry. Enjoy the weekend...see you Monday!



  1. Oh its lovely ♥

    Definitely not boring,
    love the vibrant feel to it ♥

  2. I love this look too, Daniela! The antique majolica looks so fresh in this eclectic and artful vignette. And I am sure you ARE feminine, artsy, bold, colorful, warm! I love those adjectives and aspire to them myself. Have a wonderful weekend!


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